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Number of Parties 
2    (example 2 ex-spouses)                                       $600 plus GST
3                                                                                               $675 plus GST
4                                                                                               $750 plus GST
5 or more                                                                            $825 plus GST

200 per hour + applicable taxes

Board-Room Fees (depending on location) and:

Arbitration Fees

Adjournment, Cancellation, or Settlement

If the arbitration is cancelled more than 30 calendar days before the commencement of the arbitration hearing, the cancellation fee will be $500 plus the hourly rate of 200/hour  times the number of hours spent by the arbitrator(s) prior to notification to Kevin Sawyer.

Cost of expert witnesses, disbursements and so on. The costs can vary depending on several factors, such as:

whether there was an oral hearing requiring the attendance of the arbitrator and fees for the hearing facility, or if the arbitration required only written submissions,
if expert witnesses were called.

Generally, fees or a deposit must be paid when a copy of the notice of arbitration and response is sent to the arbitrator.

Mediation Fees