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Kyera Lamoureux

Kyera Lamoureux is a counsellor that has been working in collaboration with Joy Health and Research Centre since 2015.  She holds a Masters of Arts in Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality from Saint Paul University.  As a mental health professional that is highly interested in client resiliency and well-being, Kyera has experience in counselling youth and adults with everything from Bipolar Disorder, OCD, eating disorders, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, and more. 

Theoretically, she is an integrated therapist that draws from person-centered, psychodynamic, and attachment approaches to therapy.  She has also been trained in the CBT and DBT approaches. Cultural fluency informs her approach as she has previously lived and worked in Asia, Africa, and Europe.  She also maintains a strong exploratory learner's approach to her practice and seeks to tailor psychotherapy to what best meets the needs and goals of her clients.

With a strong arts background, she also presents a unique opportunity for clients to explore and express themselves through the arts.  Painting, drawing, and writing are open forms for exploration in the therapeutic setting.  She also uses mindfulness and somatic techniques for relaxation, grounding, and somatic connectivity.

Open 10AM - 5PM Monday to Friday,  1PM - 6PM Saturday