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Natalia Chiarelli

Natalia is a counsellor at Joy Health and Research Centre. Natalia works with individual adults, children and families to help them develop the resilience they need for dealing with issues and life challenges such as life adjustment, anxiety, depression, conflict, separation and divorce. Natalia helps individuals and families work towards achieving a state of health and happiness. Natalia also conducts intake assessments with clients.

Natalia completed her Master of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University. Her counselling approach is an eclectic mixture of person-centered, attachment and emotion-focused therapies.  Natalia is also open to other theoretical approaches that may benefit her clients. Natalia brings an open mind and an open heart to her counselling sessions. She believes that providing clients with empathy, compassion and a safe place to express themselves is central to a positive therapeutic experience. Natalia has training in suicide prevention, motivational interviewing and non-violent crisis intervention.

Natalia has worked with individuals of varying backgrounds and life circumstances. In addition to working at Joy Health and Research Centre, Natalia also currently works at the Shepherds of Good Hope (SOGH). At SOGH Natalia assists clients who are dealing with homelessness, addiction, trauma, mental health, poverty and abusive relationships. She works at the Outreach women’s shelter, where she conducts intake and assists clients with meeting their day-to-day needs. She also works in various supportive living residences, assisting those who have recently obtained housing by helping them to develop life skills and providing them with emotional support.
Natalia worked with clients struggling with trauma, mental health, grief, anger management, disconnect from emotions, and issues related to spirituality during her time at Saint Paul University. Natalia also completed a major research project in her Masters’ Program that examined the relationship between addictions, spirituality and attachment theory and explored how attachment to a Higher Power could be accessed in the therapeutic setting as part of addictions treatment.

During her time at Saint Paul University, Natalia also did her External Clinical Practicum at Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services. She worked with individuals struggling with addictions and their family members. She facilitated both individual and group counselling sessions to clients at Rideauwood.

Natalia is dedicated to helping her clients build the resilience skills they need to cope with challenges so that they may find peace and happiness in their life circumstances. You can reach Natalia at 343-291-1162.