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Alix Hill

Recently completed a Master of Arts in Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University, Alix is a warm, compassionate counsellor at Joy Health and Research Centre. Alix received training to provide counselling services for youth, families, adults and groups, and continues to develop this competency. With additional competency in addressing spiritual factors of a client’s life, Alix is respectful of client diversity and strives to understand the unique perspective of each client. Alix’s experience supporting peer-based mental health programs at the University of Ottawa has developed into a deep understanding of the importance of belonging, authenticity and relational support among youth populations.

Alix’s integrative approach with clients is further informed by training in Dialectical-Behaviour Therapy, Logotherapy (existential meaning), and Narrative therapy. These different, but interrelated approaches allow Alix to accompany clients in self-reflection as they make sense of life events, reorient themselves towards healthy perspectives, and construct a life worth living.