The following are some examples of what can  be solved through mediation:

Family Issues:

  • custody
  • access
  • parenting arrangements
  • travel/vacation plans
  • parenting communication
  • child support
  • and more

Employment Issues:

  • Contract Interpretation
  • Employment termination
  • Severance Pay
  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Discrimination

How does mediation work?

Both parties to the dispute voluntarily decide to negotiate  in good faith.

The mediator will provide you with a service and confidentiality agreement for both parties to sign.  

A mediator possessing a law degree will meet individually with each party to determine whether the case is suitable for mediation.  Specifically, a screening for coercion and power Imbalances will be conducted to ensure a fair process. 

If your case is suitable for mediation, the mediator will meet with you and the other party in joint or separate sessions to facilitate discussions about reaching a mutually satisfying agreement.

All these conversations are confidential and either of you can terminate the mediation process at any time if you feel it doesn’t meet your needs.

It’s strongly recommended that you and the other party obtain independent legal throughout the mediation process.  The mediator is neutral and does not offer legal advice.


Mediation agreements are confidential, efficient, cost effective, legally binding and enforceable in court.


Commercial Issues:

  • Tenant not paying rent
  • Landlord not fixing a problem
  • Supplier not delivering goods
  • Customer not paying invoice
  • Incorrect invoice from contractor
  • Business partnership dispute
  • Sale of business dispute
  • Tenant left premises in disrepair

What is Mediation?


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