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Dr. Erin Beettam

Dr. Erin Beettam has been practicing as a clinical psychologist in hospitals, educational, and community
health settings for almost 10 years. She has extensive experience working with children, youth, young
adults and parents. She completed her clinical training in Pediatric Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at
both the Douglas Mental Health Institute and the Montreal Children’s Hospital in Montreal Quebec
where she lives.

Her specialized clinical interests include anxiety disorders (including OCD and Trichotillomania),
executive functioning deficits such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), depression and other mood disorders, and emerging borderline traits in adolescence, social skills development, non-suicidal self-injury behaviour, body image and eating disorders as well as other emotion regulation difficulties in children and youth. She also enjoys providing parent coaching and school supports for youth facing challenges that impact on schooling. Her therapeutic approach emphasizes pragmatic problem solving skills, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and attachment informedparenting solutions. She is deeply passionate about applying the essential pillars of DBT to every day life; increasing awareness through Mindfulness, creating balance in ourselves and our relationships through Dialectical Thinking, getting through difficult moments using Distress Tolerance, building self-regulating habits using Emotion Regulation skills, and improving and building healthy relationships through Interpersonal Effectiveness skills. She has experience in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy techniques. Her approach strongly emphasises parents and teens working together to create more harmony in their families and more balance in children and adolescent’s lives.

Erin completed her combined Doctoral and Master’s degree in Educational Psychology at McGill
University. She is a licenced clinical psychologist and a member in good standing with the Ordre des
Psychologues du Quebec as well as a member of the Canadian Psychological Association.