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1. “It was a great day for me as it was good to feed my mind. It was good to discuss this system of helping people as I believe it will be helpful in my future work as a chaplain. Kafui, you are a very good facilitator. You made me feel very welcome from the beginning. I thought you included all our different work platforms in your examples and questions of us and that felt very inclusive. You knew your material and your examples were very insightful. What a great way to provide solid help for people in making their way through life’s issues. This program is easily understood and therefore very useable. Though backed by some very solid insightful research it is presented in a very palatable way for the normal person. Given that, I think this program could really impact people and help them find health and wholeness” - G. P (Community Chaplain).

2. "This program helps me on a personal level and professional level. I have learned different coping skills which I will be able to use with teenagers in my medical practice especially in dealing with mood and anxiety issues that arise. Overall I had a very good experience. Especially I liked the group activities and scenarios” – Paediatrician at Fraser Health Authority.

3. “I think that teaching youth resiliency skills is very useful for any school. Being mindful and practicing attention training is personally useful as well. We do pay too much attention to negative things and need to work through the process of thought-feeling-behaviour pathway. After receiving training this training from Kafui, I believe even more in prevention and early intervention than I did before. Thank you! I intend to use this program in my life skills class as a program for the year” – Aboriginal High School Teacher.

4. “I would highly recommend having Kafui Sawyer speak to any of our high school staff. Her presentation was informative and very helpful for us as educators in terms of trying to prevent adolescent suicide in our school and community. She was easy to listen to and more importantly easy to talk to. It goes without saying that we found her presentation to be very worthwhile for us all” – L. J (Secondary School Vice-Principal).

5. “Excellent thank you! Very informative and good. Kafui displayed an interactive and relaxed way of facilitating workshops. Trinity Western University is a great venue for the training. Very positive program to take to colleges and clients” - T. N (College Counsellor).

6. “Useful resources, unique case examples and group exercises. Great space and snacks. Skills learned were backed by supporting research which makes it more accepting for graduate students in nursing” – S. T (Nurse at Ontario)

7. “Kafui created a warm, welcoming and safe environment as a facilitator. She was open to query and eager to pass on good info. Her enthusiasm for positive change is contagious! Lots of good resources that can be applied in many circumstances. Venue of training was also very comfortable. Prevention and early intervention programs are vital to the health of our communities. I would use the activities learned today with individual clients as resource installation” - M. R (Clinical Counsellor in Private Practice).

8. “Kafui you brought very valuable information. It was clear that you are very informed about the program you teach. Great job! Very informative and enjoyable. I can see this program spanning over the school year at various times” – High School Teacher.

9. “This was useful in many ways for relating with students, relating with my family and friends and relating with myself. Awesome, thanks!” – High School Teacher.

10. “This program equipped me with practical and simple skills for conflict resolution, supervisions and my own personal challenges as a human resource manager. Looking forward to facilitating this with our employees” – Human Resource Manager

11. “Kafui’s facilitation was great and cohesive. She was able to engage the group well. I learned a lot and this program reinforced things I knew into a cohesive process. I had fun with this training and I look forward to incorporating the resiliency strategies with the patients and families I see in my practice” - Aboriginal Nurse Practitioner at Fraser Health Authority.