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Why Prevention

At Joy Health and Research Centre,  we provide holistic mental health services from a culturally sensitive perspective that include early intervention programs to prevent mental illness, individual clinical counselling, family therapy, couples counselling and group therapy. Our areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, addictions, eating disorders, early psychosis intervention, trauma, family stress, emotional dysregulation, FASD, and coping with life transitions. We also focus on providing coping skills to individuals struggling with developmental disorders such as autism. In helping families, we also provide behavioural therapy to improve organizational skills, study techniques and social functioning to clients with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and disruptive behaviour disorder. 

As you know the best way to provide long-term mental health is to promote education on mental illness, develop and build social emotional skills and to empower people to be resilient in life. For this reason, we are also an early intervention and prevention facility offering a variety of group programs and training programs for professionals.  We also provide evidence-based children and youth programs to deal with anxiety and depression. Our focus on families also allow us to work well with geriatric clients through counselling by providing a listening ear, understanding, and encouragement in a safe setting in which clients can live full and meaningful lives. 

Joy Health and Research Centre is also actively involved in ongoing research, to ensure the most effective techniques are being employed for clients and their families. In addition to our services, we provide consultation, resilience training and suicide prevention training to professionals in health care, community services, private businesses, schools and faith communities. In our practice no one is too old or too young to receive mental health care. For this reason, parents and their babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, youth, adults and seniors can be reassured that they will receive optimum and confidential intervention for the treatment of their mental health concern. 

Joy Health and Research Centre mental health clinicians take a positive, strengths-based approach using evidence-based treatment and therapeutic approaches that have proven effective through research and client feedback. Our focus is to provide the space for clients to be all they were meant to be! 

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