Saloumeh Torabi

Saloumeh Torabi is a PhD candidate in the counselling and spirituality program at Saint Paul University. The central focus of her PhD thesis is on the challenges that female adolescents go through in the Canadian mosaic society. Saloumeh completed her Masters’ degree in Family Counselling. Her Masters’ thesis research was on the methods to increase life satisfaction and self concept improvement.

Saloumeh has experience of working with clients from different ages, religions, and cultures. Saloumeh works from a collaborative approach to therapy and she is open to different psychological theories and frameworks. Saloumeh is currently working as a counseling intern at Saint Paul University Counselling Centre and Joy Health and Research Centre. Saloumeh works with youth and adult clients struggling with a variety of presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, and self-esteem.

Open 10AM - 5PM Monday to Friday,  1PM - 6PM Saturday

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